The Perfect Paints for Classic Wallcoverings

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February 18, 2016
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September 16, 2016

The Perfect Paints for Classic Wallcoverings

When the good folks at Lincrusta™- The Ultimate Wallcovering, were looking for a quality primer to lay the right foundation for their renowned line of textured wallcoverings, they found the ideal partner in Scuffmaster. Based in the United Kingdom since 1877, Lincrusta wallcoverings have a deeper emboss and higher relief than other wallcoverings which gives them a distinct, highly sought after look.

Special wallcoverings like Lincrusta deserve specialty paints and primers like Scuffmaster. And after extensive testing, our Multi-Purpose Primer was selected as the Primer of Choice for Lincrusta installations. It makes perfect sense to pair their exceptionally durable wallcoverings with our exceptionally durable paints. No one builds a stately manor on marsh land, right?

Discriminating architects, designers deserve to have all aspects of a project run well and look as impressive as possible. Our paints and Lincrusta’s unique textured look will undoubtedly make many big impressions.

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