Keep Your School Cleaner & Fresher for Longer

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September 6, 2016
The World`s Toughest Paint™ to the Rescue
September 21, 2016

Keep Your School Cleaner & Fresher for Longer

You probably already know that paint is the simplest and most economical change you can make on an environment. How long do you want your design to last? How long does your client want the design to last? This is where durable paints come into play. Hundreds of thousands of kids run through schools every day. Books, bags can really damage walls. Scuffs and stains, you name it, those school walls have seen it. So what’s a designer to do to protect their design, all while creating a beautiful space for learning? Scrubtough™ durable paint is your answer.

After all, if your designs can stand the test of time, shouldn’t your paint?

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