It’s Great what a Little Colour can do

Tough Paint. Easy Choice.
February 8, 2016
Every Finish has a Beginning.
February 18, 2016

It’s Great what a Little Colour can do


As someone who has worked in “creative spaces” my entire adult life, I’ve noticed a tiresome dependence on gray color schemes. I’m not saying gray can’t be used to stunning effect in ad agencies, design offices, photo studios and more, only that in many of the spaces I’ve worked and visited, it’s all you ever see. Gray certainly creates a nice, neutral backdrop for posting projects and critiquing work, but somewhere along the way it became the go-to color scheme for creative spaces.

It’s well known that many of the renaissance masters had their studios painted in grays. This obviously worked well for cranking out The Birth of Venus in Tuscany, but how inspiring are gray walls in a 21st century office space, on a Monday in January, in the Midwest, while banging out Q1 projections on a deadline?

Those of us working in creative fields do not have a monopoly on creativity. Creativity is found anywhere people are willing to add something new and special to their work. It takes a lot of energy to do that though, energy most people don’t get while ensconced in gray. Anyone wanting their employees to be more creative needs to work first on getting their employees energized and color can do that in ways gray just can’t.

See our before and after examples. A anonymous office space becomes a vibrant den with a real sense of place. Where would you rather spend 40 hours a week? A modern workplace, stunning in black and white, is fully realized only through whip-smart use of color accenting the walkways and begging the stairs to be scaled. Talk about energy, I wouldn’t take the elevator in this building if I was hauling air conditioners to work.

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