Solid Metal

If regular paints leave you feeling flat, it’s time to try Solid Metal. Solid Metal colors have a luminous, metallic luster that other paints can’t match. Once you try it, you won’t look at paint the same way again.

The Powered Up Interior Paint.

With an ideal mix of radiant color and performance, it’s easy to see why Solid Metal is the best selling commercial interior metallic paint.

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Durability 4,200 Scrubs
VOC Content 130 g/L
Application Spray
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Wide Range of Colours Available

Our Solid Metal Paint comes in a variety of different ready made colours, so we are sure to have the right shade for you. We also have the ability to mix our range of finishes to match any Pantone / RAL reference colour, meaning the possibilities are practically endless. Contact the office for more details on 01274 871949 or use our website Contact Form and we will be sure to reply within 24 hour